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Travel Helthy To Machu Picchu Peru

By November 14, 2020 - 8:59am

Machu Picchu, "The Lost City of the Incas" and one of the current seven wonders of the World is located 130 kilometers northwest of Cusco, in the Urubamba province, at the top of a mountain of the same name and surrounded by an abyss of slightly over 400 meters that forms the Urubamba River' canyon.

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Discovery. Exploration. Adventure. This is why we were created. Visiting Machu Picchu is traveling to traditions, experiences, beliefs, and knowledge of the Incas; a millenary and enigmatic culture, and attractive to our eyes. Walking through its Inca walls built with large stones that fit perfectly together without mortar; appreciating the Intihuatana or "solar watch"‚ perfect sample of the Andean Cosmovision; walking up to the Sun Gate to observe the most impressive view of Machu Picchu absorbing all the energy that this Inca city emanates from each spot respond to why Machu Picchu is a wonder between the clouds.


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