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Secrets Of Quick Cleaning

By July 23, 2021 - 12:31am

Secrets of quick cleaning

Cleaning usually takes a long time, especially if it is a general or after renovation. But even the usual cleaning of the flat can take you a whole day. In this article, we will analyse several points that will help speed up the cleaning of a flat.

The most important rule of a clean flat is the consistency of cleaning. The more often you do the cleaning, the less effort you need to spend to put the flat in order.

There are places in the flat that get dirty much faster than other surfaces. This is a toilet, bath and kitchen countertop and stove. These surfaces and appliances must be cleaned constantly and not to allow heavy contamination, otherwise, over time, the fat in the kitchen will dry out, and the bathtub will turn yellow, and you will spend many times more time cleaning them.

Start cleaning from less dirty areas and gradually move to more dirty ones. In any room, start cleaning from top to bottom, so you eliminate the possibility of re-contamination of already clean surfaces.

Get rid of everything you don't need, the more things in the apartment, the more dust and more difficult cleaning. The presence of a large number of interior items of furniture, shoe boxes, bags, clothes and other things will take your time. Put all the things you need in their places, and throw away all that you do not need.

It is not always possible to remove complex stains and old dirt on your own; it is better to contact a specialized company and order the necessary service. In the https://www.livecleantoday.com/services/housekeeping-service, you can order cleaning and washing the window, as well as other cleaning services.

The dirtiest places in the apartmentAny apartment has clutter. These can be specially designated corners or formed naturally, because it is so convenient. In an apartment, such places are hotbeds of dust and dirt, and also impede effective cleaning.

The main reasons for the formation of trash in an apartment are unwillingness to part with things and unstructured storage. Often, instead of throwing away or giving away unnecessary things to us, we store them on our balcony, in a closet, under a bed or under a sink with a bathtub. Over time, there are a lot of such things, and more and more places appear where you can store things. Unwillingness to part with things can completely flood your apartment with unnecessary trash.

All things that you do not use, but which may someday come in handy, for example, a broken vacuum cleaner or the remains of building materials, are best thrown away, sold or donated. Things that you need, but you use rarely need to be structured into groups and removed. After breaking up the trash, there will be more free space, and cleaning the apartment will be faster and easier.

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