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Hormone Replacement Therapy

By November 16, 2011 - 10:48am

What are some of the most recommended Hormone Replacement Therapies today and how do I know which one is right for me?

By December 23, 2011 - 12:27pm

Hi Daisey: Did that already. Her sugg. was to continue the T. and take Spiroladactone ugh.... So needless to dsay, I did not get me 3rd set of pellets inserted yet

December 23, 2011 - 12:27pm
EmpowHER Guest
By Anonymous December 23, 2011 - 11:12am

Hi ihatemenopause,

Welcome to EmpowHER. It might be good to discuss with your doctor your symptoms from The testosterone and have him decide the risks and benefits of stopping it.




December 23, 2011 - 11:12am
By December 23, 2011 - 10:18am

I began BHRT pellet therapy in the summer. At age 51, I had usual hot flashes, insomnia, abit of anxiety, an overall blah feeling. I am very fit and active and work fulltime, BUT felt off. My first pellet insertion went well. Hot flashes gone within a few days etc.. Incidently, Had estradiol and testosterone pellets inserted. 2nd insertion felt good, BUT after 2 weeks, my hair started to thin out quite a bit.. I was given (at 2nd insertion more T-137, and more E.) Doctor said I am sensitive to T. My t level is 150. So now, for over 2 months suffering from hair loss. UGH. I don't want to lose my hair like a man. Taking biotin, Green tea capsules and pantothenic acid. Dr. suggested Spiraldactone, BUT don't want to go to a drug route. Truely disappointed as I was not told about scalp hair loss. Will it grow back if i stop the T???? Any suggestion ladies. thx

December 23, 2011 - 10:18am
EmpowHER Guest
By Anonymous December 1, 2011 - 8:05pm

Hi ColleenWhite,

Welcome to EmpowHER and thanks for your question.  The best way to determine if hormone replacement therapy is a good treatment option for you is to talk to your doctor about your individual symptoms and health risks.  Estrogen, in pill, patch, or gel form, is the single most effective therapy for suppressing hot flashes more for (women who have had a hysterectomy).  Combined estrogen/progestin therapy (women with a uterus).

Here is a link on Menopause/HRT that can help





December 1, 2011 - 8:05pm

Group Leader

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