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Verbal Abuse - When Should the Police be Called?

By HERWriter Guide December 11, 2011 - 10:17am

Hi and thanks to nineteen for starting this Group.

In answering your question about getting police involved with verbal abuse, I think I'm correct in saying that verbal abuse is not a crime unless someone is being threatened with harm. So name calling, telling someone they are worthless, useless and unlovable is morally reprehensible but is not a crime.
However, if someone's life or safety is being threatened, the police need to be called immediately.
We hope to hear back from our Group Leader and from other women going through verbal abuse which in turn, is psychological abuse. This kind of abuse can do enormous damage.


Group Leader

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Over the years I have heard so much about verbal spousal abuse and when I finally got the nerve to deal with it the "authorities" don't recognize it as there is no bruises on me or my children. How do we get the authorities to take this type of abuse seriously?


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