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How to accept a Spotify Family Plan invite?

By November 18, 2021 - 7:58am

Spotify Premium is popular for a number of reasons: it's inexpensive, doesn't include ads, offers a wide variety of music, and more.

However, at $9.99 a month for a single Premium account, it can be costly for an entire household to join on separate accounts. That's why Spotify also offers a Family Plan, which gives Premium access to up to six accounts for a discounted $14.99 a month.

With a Family Plan, members of the same household can enjoy the same Spotify Premium benefits without having to pay for multiple subscriptions.

The person in your household who pays for the Spotify Premium Family Plan will need to invite you to join their "Family" before you can reap the benefits of the Premium subscription. You won't be able to use the Premium subscription until you accept the invite.

Here's how to accept it, and what you'll need to do once you do. This can be done on your desktop computer or mobile device.

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If multiple members of your family want to use Spotify, you can save a lot of money by subscribing to Spotify Premium for Family , the service's rate plan designed specifically for family sharing. In this section I will show you how to take advantage of this particular subscription and, finally, how to organize sharing a Spotify subscription with other people, through an external service. Alternatively, you could also evaluate Spotify Premium Duo which for 12.99 euros / month allows you to have two Premium accounts, but in this tutorial I will focus on the Family plan for multiple users.


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