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Not talking with your immediate family

By April 25, 2013 - 3:10pm

Hi. Ever since 2001 my family and I have had some problems with talking to each other. I was silent for a long while and they tried to talk with each other. But we don't talk much. It is a lot of silences. And the problem is that I want to talk about sometimes friendships, politics, music, television, what I overheard during the day, but we don't actually talk. I get the reaction that I don't want to talk with you; I don't have anything important to say that I am just talking to hear myself talk; that I am not who s/he wants to talk with. I get very discouraged. I do watch television a lot but I read a lot. They don't want to hear about that either. So I figure it is better to be by myself than annoy them. But it is lonely. I wish to have a good relationship where we can talk about anything.

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