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Things to Consider While Making Your Brand Plastic Free

By May 12, 2022 - 12:53am

We have entered in 2020 with new technologies and hope. If you look at the 40 years back, what would you find? No cell phones, no concept of the e-commerce website, and much more. There was not so much development in the health sector. But with a time you have seen considerable growth from landline phones to cell phones, no more visiting to stores because people prefer to buy online. It does not end here; there are various developments we have noticed in the health sector new technologies and machinery came into being.
Now we are standing in 2020 with all the advancement and technologies and working hard to help mankind. But have you ever noticed there is something that we still lack behind? Like 30 or 40 years back, fewer numbers of people get sick. There was fresh air to breathe and more green belts around our houses. Kids used to play outside without fear of getting ill, but now times have changed. Now, most of you do not want your kids to play in open-air, particularly in the cold or rainy season. What is the cause behind it?
The pollution is the primary cause of diseases like breathing problems, stomach issues, and much more. From air to water pollution, not only humans but all human beings are affected buy it. The plastic custom boxes affecting marine life, and when you tend to burn them, it releases toxins, which cause several breathing problems. Plastic and aluminum are causing endless issues, and it’s the reason companies preferring eco-friendly boxes to make their brands plastic-free.

Promote refill and reuse

As you all understand, the impact of plastic on the environment and the plastic custom boxes are the primary reason. Whatever business area you are running food or cosmetics, encourage the customer to reuse and refill the container or jar? For a cafe, you can introduce a refill at discounted rates. It will support the customer to reuse the cup several times. Switching to environmentally friendly cups along with reuse and refill offers will surely help to reduce waste. If you are using recycled boxes for your product packaging, you can encourage your customers to bring empty custom packaging boxes and offer them special discounts.
Customer becomes creator

Are you following the Go Green cause, and then it is your company's responsibility to make people understand its importance? For instance, if you are running a pizza business, then corrugated boxes are best. Get custom printed boxes with zero-waste logo and also encourage customers to use them to create fantastic DIY. Guide customers on how to create custom plates by using the pizza custom cardboard boxes. By doing this, you are encouraging them to utilize the pizza box more creatively. You can also print some DIY ideas at the back of eco-friendly packaging.
Zero-waste packaging

The packaging is essential when it comes to shipping the article form one point to another. You use bubble wraps and packing peanuts to secure the articles. But all the material fills the land fields. You need to stop using them because zero-waste packaging means you are not filling the land field with toxic substances. Frustration-free custom shipping boxes are the best option because of many reasons. This packaging doesn't need any packaging material and no plastic tapes to secure the custom boxes. It is made up of 100% decomposable material. Amazon is using these custom shipping boxes for the transportation of its products. It would be best if you customized these kraft boxes as per the size of the article to keep t safe during shipping, and the flute layers protect it from jerks.
Avoid Clear gift packaging boxes

Yes, packaging indeed plays a vital role in convincing the customer to buy the articles. Particularly when you are running an online gift shop, you need an attractive packaging. The clear boxes look appealing and beautiful to pack the product. But if you are looking for the zero-plastic option than brown kraft boxes are the best. You can get custom gift boxes in any color other than brown. This natural kraft packaging not only makes your band plastic-free but also shows that the item you are selling is organic and pure. You can use these eco-friendly boxes for jewelry, cosmetics, gifts, or other issues. The products look beautiful in it and will surely impress the customer.

The net shell:

Things mentioned above need to be considered to make your brand plastic-free. But one thing that you need to do in the first place is to educate your customers about global warming. It is important because customer acceptance is a must when it comes to eco-friendly boxes. Tell them to reuse these custom boxes as many times as they can. Also, educate clear the packaging is harmful to their health.

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