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Could I be?

By March 19, 2012 - 2:07pm

Thanks for taking the time to read my question and potentially answer it!
So let me start of by giving the details:
My last menstrual cycle started on February 10th,2012 and lasted four days. I normally have either a 31,35, or 38 day cycle (35 day being the most common) but at times it can be 22 days at random as well.
So after the four days, we waited a week before having unprotected intercourse, therefore the week of the 19th and onward we had regular unprotected intercourse.
I am on cycle day 39 and AF seems like it's nowhere to be seen. I have had mild cramping on and off throughout the days & have had a little bit of lower back pain. I've noticed my breasts have enlarged/are sore, and my nipples are very sore to the touch/when I shower. I also notice the nipple is very dark, like a purple in color (as if there is less blood circulation). I have been extremely exhausted, trouble falling asleep, and very very impatient and irritable and I wake up twice in the mornings with a FULL bladder. ALSO, I have checked my cervical position and it is still fairly high(sometimes hard to find) and there has been far more Cervical mucus than when I normally am expecting my period (usually it is very dry).
I tested with a clearblue +/- test this morning and got a faint positive for five minutes and then it went away.
This is very confusing and has been a little stressful. I have been under a little bit of stress too, so maybe that impacts it. I kept feeling like my period was going to come because I would get some dull cramping, so I have been walking with pads/tampons but the cramps only occur a few times a day for a short amount of time and then they are gone.
Thank you so much for reading this long and detailed rant.

All the Best,


EmpowHER Guest
By Anonymous March 22, 2012 - 11:43am
Hi kero, I read your previous post and saw you found out, you are pregnant. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story. Keep us posted. Best, DaisyMarch 22, 2012 - 11:43am

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