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late period.

By February 24, 2017 - 9:03pm

Okay, so this gets complicated. I got my period last month on the 24th. When I tell you my periods are like clockwork, I mean it. Always the same date of every month. Normally when I have intercourse it comes, but I had intercourse today, and no blood. About two weeks ago, I was using the bathroom and when I was wiping I noticed a light amount of blood on the toilet paper. So I thought it was coming early which was unusual; I put on a pad and went to the bathroom a few hours later to change it. When I did, no blood that day and no blood for the following days. A few days after this I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, as I suspected, but I wanted to go ahead and rule pregnancy out. Here it is a week later on the day I'm supposed to get my period. Had sex today (which normally brings it on), no period, no symptoms, no pre-cramps like I normally get a few days before my period starts, breasts are a little tender but not like they normally are when I'm on my period. Also, there's no added stress, or hormonal changes that I'm aware of. No new medications, and I haven't changed my diet or eating habits. The only thing that has changed with my diet is I'm hungry again like an hour after I eat a big, well balanced meal which is not normal for me. Please help!!

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