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missed 3 months peroid :(

By August 23, 2015 - 12:31am

I am very worried i need help please! My last period was on June 12 lasted for about 5 days which is my average. On June 18 i had sex with my boyfriend and we didnt used condom.i noticed my period had been due so about a week or two after my missed date i took a home pregnancy test both came out neative. then a couple weeks later i told my boyfriend about the situation and he wanted to take another test so i did and once again both came out negative.a month later after missed periods again my boyfriend get a urine test from hospital but we get negative but still no period! I've been stressing about this situation and i've noticed i've been breaking out a lot more which usually happens around my period but other than that nothing much is really different. this is not the first time my period is off but this is the longest i've gone without it. what should i do? Im 17 and i cant really reach out for help to my parents, im not on birth control and i dont know how to get on it without having my parents think completly wrong. so help me pleaseeeee...

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