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I need relationship advice asap

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By Anonymous November 10, 2016 - 7:21am

Hey, I'm Destiny and I really need some relationship advice. Last year I was in a very poor spot mentally due to a family issue. I was depressed, stressed always, and turning towards drinking. At the beginning of this year I met my boyfriend whome I like to say "saved me". He gave me a new, more beautiful outlook on life and raised my self esteem a ton. He insipired me in so many ways and he's awesome, but, there are some things in our relationship that are too stressful to deal with sometimes. He jokes around all the time. Constantly messing with me, annoying me and doing things that make me mad. He has a very goofy personality and I could deal with that if he weren't doing unneccessary things to annoy me all the freaking time. With how bad my anxiety is, i cannot deal with that. I know it may sound stupid like I'm over exaggerating, but it's worse than I can describe and i feel the urge to cry sometimes because of how stressed I get. Another thing is his controlling personality. He comes from a loving place in everything but sometimes I feel a bit trapped, or like he's acting like my parent. He is very clingy pretty much always and almost maniplates me into doing or not doing things so it goes his way. We also have an age difference that I feel could be an issue. I feel as if he's going to hold me back from doing certain things I want in life. I love him to death, this is my first serious relationship and I don't want to end it. But the way each of us our used to living is clashing with one another and it's bringing me a whole other kind of stress. I feel like I have no say sometimes, and in some arguments I feel helpless. But it's hard to say I want to end it because when we're not on bad terms, we're amazing together. Ive been having more anxiety attacks than usual because of this. Can someone please help me with this? I really need advice!

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