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geekzilla podcast

By April 17, 2024 - 5:10am

The Geekzilla Podcast started off very small but soon attracted a loyal following. In the early days, Robert focused on technology topics like Linux, open source software, and internet tools and services. geekzilla podcast Over time the podcast has expanded in scope. Now Geekzilla covers an ever-wider range of science, technology, and geek culture topics – from artificial intelligence, space exploration and discoveries to geek movies, books, and more. The production value of the show has increased considerably over the years. But the podcast still retains its core hallmarks – Robert’s unique perspective, dry humor, and passion for geeky topics. From simple beginnings recording in his home office, the Geekzilla now reaches over 30,000 engaged listeners per episode. It consistently ranks well on various “best podcast” charts.

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