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Best Home Foot Spa Kits For A Spa Session At Home!

By November 11, 2016 - 10:07am

A spa is a great way to relax the muscles and get a time out from the usual hectic life. Spa with its therapeutic aroma and massage can help unleash and have a quality time with oneself. It is very much necessary for one’s health and relaxation so that they can get better with their work and on track. Spa not only does calm down the muscles and release tiredness it also soothes the skin and repairs it from within.
As we don’t have much of time in our busy lives to make for spa sessions at a parlor a much cheaper and time saving way is to bring in a home foot spa – as it can help in getting the spa sessions right at your home’s comfort. The best home foot spas to choose from are listed below!
1. Conair waterfall foot spa
This is a home foot spa tub which has two independent sections for each foot to rest comfortably under water and relaxes with the help of bath salts which are an essential part of home foot spa. The tri-touch buttons on the Conair waterfall foot spa allows it to be operated with even wet foot and can be adjusted even with the touch of your toes. The buttons help in selecting the modes i.e. high bubbles, waterfall or low bubbles. The rollers on each side help in rubbing the foot while the waterfall gives a soothing effect while relaxing the muscles and cleaning it thoroughly. The resting has non-slip pads for helping the foot rest comfortably.

2. Dr Scholl’s quick heat paraffin home spa
This is a unique foot spa machine which helps in relaxing the foot muscles as well as removes dead skin cells meticulously. It makes use of wax for the home foot spa and one has to make use of gloves to get the soothing experience while the wax works it effects on the foot giving calming sensations through the gloves. The wax is set to heat at a certain temperature suitable for us and then wearing the gloves the foot is rested inside it to get the calming sensations. After the heat is taken, one can scrub and wash off the legs to get a smooth finish.

3. Heated aqua jet home foot spa
The heated aqua jet is a hot water foot spa which helps in getting relaxation to the tired muscles as well as increases blood circulation. The home foot spa heats up the water by itself to a suitable temperature for imparting heated effect to the foot and gently making the waterfall and bubble effect to the water for creating calming sensations on the foot! A 10 minute foot spa shall help in relaxing the muscles well. The rubber grip ensures non-slippery feel to the foot and the buttons can be operated easily even with the wet toes.

A home foot spa can be very rejuvenating and can help in relaxing your tired or aching feet while giving it a clean and new feel.

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