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i've miscarried and ttc and i cant tell if im preggo or not!

By May 13, 2012 - 8:34pm

i was tracking my cycles from 2011 nov after i came of the pill (only on the pill for one month to regulate my cycle becasue of pcos it worked) immediately i had sex on the days i was ovulating on the 22nd to 26th of dec and sure enough jan i was late and i found out i was pregnant after a week of missed period with no spotting at all. very happy me and my boyfriend until in feb 3rd wen i started to miscarry due to stress. i eventually lost the baby after many very hard and stressful trips to the hospital the baby came out of me in my hands feb 7th 2012 the worst day of my life i had a d and c on the 9th and my period was regular the next month mar and exact for april i have a 29 day cycle and april it came on 2nd lik it was supposed to last until the 6th lik it was supposed to and we are trying to concieve so we had sex on the days i was ovulating even days before and afterward. my period was supposed to come on the 1st of may but it was a week late exactly i took about 7 pregnancy test 4 before my period being over anxious and 2 after and all neg i had spotting for a day one week before and cramping and head aches and nausea and mad craving last until a few days thinking it was my period but it wasnt and on the 7th of may a week late i had big blood clots with small ones spotting not enough to full a pad and dull cramps back pains n sleeping and i didnt get any pms since i lost my baby no type of breast soreness at all three days after my period started i stopped dropppn clots but just spotting pinkish brownish dischrge on my pantishields and everytime i wipe and now im bloated gettin big like how i was when i was pregnant, i kno its not a miscarriage because the last one was really painful so what wrong with me because my periods are always on schedule

i know its long im really sorry but i want you to know all the facts

please help me!!!!!

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