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Inequality of Usual Whatsapp with GB Whatsapp

By April 17, 2021 - 2:26am

In terms of specifications, it is very different, because the implementation of this 3rd faction has already been developed. For more complete data about the differences between GBWhatsApp and regular Whatsapp, please read the following differences:

1. WA GB
• Character length features can reach up to 255 personalities.

• Users can share about 100 manuscripts of documents.
• Various containers of 50mb.
• Hide viewed messages.
• It is ready to write status from contacts on WhatsApp.
• There are various manuscripts txt, PDF and others.
• There are 130 supported languages ​​available. •
Blank message transport is available.
• Available object replacement.

WA Sah
• Long character 139 traits.
• Various document 30 document.
• Various places worth 15 MB.
• Cannot hide last watched.
• Cannot move status.
• There are no various txt and PDF manuscripts.
• Languages ​​assisted are only 45.
• Not ready to transport empty messages.
• There is no changing the topic.

Visit this site to download GB Whatsapp: https://otherwhatsapp.com/

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