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By June 13, 2011 - 9:16am

I can tell from the thread posts that most of you have been mothers for over a year. Well this is my first child and I'm going crazy! My husband and I moved to his hometown before my daughter was born, so I don't know anyone besides his sister and mom here. I have litterally spent ess that 12 hrs away from my baby since she was born in sept. I am a stay at home mom and I have nothing to do and noone to talk to and I am sick and tired of my baby! Anyone know how to cure craziness? I am depressed every other day (thankfully today is not one of those days) and I think I take it out on my baby (not physically) HELP!

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A collection of stories written by stay-at-home-moms, single moms, married moms ... you get the idea. It's the flip side of what most of us have seen in groups or websites so far. This group is to give mommy's everywhere a platform to be brutally honest. For example, I once wondered if there was a procedure for kids that was similar to the one that "de-barked" dogs. Don't gasp and act like you're shocked or offended just because I said it out loud. We are all human with human emotions and limits (plus hormones). This is a place you can vent and be honest without fear of judgment or criticism.


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