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hard to tell what is going on

By January 6, 2012 - 8:57am

it's so hard! my crohns is out of control wich is making my ms bad. i don't know if its because of my hormones i think i am going threw menopause or it could be because of what ever is going on with my breast or just simply because I am waiting to start gilynea and have not been on medication for 2 years now. could go on prednisone to try to get into remission but i really dont like the fact it can wreak your bones! what to do-i think i am just scared to go on Gilyneya now until they say why that man died after taking it just venting have a good day

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Just wanting to help and give and get advice from other women living with multiple sclerosis~crohn's endrometriosis. It is great to give and get advice from people going threw the same thing as I get older and have lived with these diseases since my early 20's I am finding it a challenge when other health issues come up..I can do so well and keep positive but I find when your health throws something unrelated to your illness it really does throw your whole body and coping skills into a whirl and It is hard to explain to people as if you are already fighting not perfect health and you get something else wheather it be the comon cold or something more seriouse it is really hard!




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