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Open letter to MDC (MotheringDotCommune)

By August 23, 2013 - 10:00pm

Back again with another open letter and this time its directed at MDC (MotheringDotCommune). Theres even more of them, but only decided highlight MDC as opposed others as well. Since they aren't a part of a publication and stuff like that and etc.

Know this belated, but still worth sharing. Don't worry I have dealt with the owners, admins, mods of the forum in the past without much success. I'm also not the 1st one whom has done this and which I really have no clue to what extent.

XPosted from a petition that I started almost two years or something like, but really never did anything about it and etc.

Here is what I received from one of your administrators regarding my accounts (1st jessicaabruno and 2nd mybodymyself) on MDC and etc. [quote]
Unfortunately, your participation is no longer welcome due to your unwillingness to post within our User Agreement. I will remind you of what you last wrote:

"If you do not make changes to UA before this month suspension is up I will not
becoming back to MDC forever.

Think this is it.

Thank you, again.

Un Gratefully Yours,

You have now violated our User Agreement by both starting another account and then proceeding to publicly criticize the administration and moderation staff. Do not start another account. I will not ban your IP address so that you can continue to *read* the forums, but if you start another account, I will be forced to ban your IP. I wish you well finding another community in which to find the support you deserve.[/quote]Of course I totally the opposite of what this admin thinks of me and maybe other admins and mods on there think of me the same way. Which I will never know of course.

Heres what I was trying to combine to them and their members as well.

Know that I'm not the only one whom has experience this before. Mean it can be off/online.

Mean before foundin and/or comin here?

Is it me that we are treated as we are still babies/kids??? Is it me that there are owner/s, admin/s, mod/s whom have no clue on how to run forum???

Its hard even though they all know and we have talked about it. Mostly there are other factors which I can't think of at moment. Somehow I never could avoid this when lookin for new forums for myself. Hope being here is goin to stop this.

Think thats for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno

Group Leader


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