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#PDF (#Political #Debate #Forums) #thread regarding #Hurricane #Arthur and my #response to it

By July 5, 2014 - 11:49am



I'm a bit late on this one. Hurricane Arthur is our first named storm of the year and reached Category 2 with 100+ mph wind speed. It went right through the Outer Banks and Virginia Beach area but has since toured the East Coast in the ocean. In NC and VA it caused flooding and thousands are without power but right now the storm is causing storms in states all up the East Coast. Are you effected by it??

Thankfully I missed it. It was going to hit us but I was going out of town for the 4th of July anyways. The traffic it caused was terrible though![/QUOTE][QUOTE=Rebel;2616]

[/QUOTE]Oh finally because I for one was getting somewhat worry about this not being on here. I had no whatsoever clue as to what I source/s I should I use in order to post it here. Because I don't really have a favorite source/s to choose from. Especially, the ones I trust are more left/democrat/liberal/mainstream/beyond. As opposed right/republican/conservative/alternative/natural/real/beyond. Theres nothing to report from my neck in the woods. Expect for the t-storms/lightening over the couple of days leading to 4th. I mean besides the all normal weather and beyond for this time of yr.

I for one believe that global warming/climate change whatever its called is caused by/beyond along those lines. Is caused mostly by mankind unless proven otherwise. In which I for have no whatsoever clue as to what else it maybe and beyond.

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Is everything that she, her family needs to know about this particular lifestyle, etc. AKA more of a ethical lifestyle then unethical one or whatever its called.


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