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Welcome! Sorry I missed you!

By November 29, 2011 - 7:59pm

To all of you who have recently joined the group:

I greatly apologize for not sending you a welcoming message, or even posting on here for a while. There was a snaffoo with my email, and I just found out today that I have not been getting certain emails since the beginning of October! Needless to say, I have missed a lot!

At first I figured that there just isn't much going on here, and I would wait until someone posted a question or a comment. After a while I figured since I hadn't received any notices via email, that maybe there just were not many people in the same situation as me! Boy was I wrong! We have now grown to 40 members, most of which have joined since I was last on!

So, VERY SORRY for seeming to be awol, I guess I should have just gotten off my butt and signed in even when I didn't think there was anything going on. :)

So, lets get the conversations going!

Tell us your story, or how your doing. Together we can help lift each other a little each day.

Best Regards,


Group Leader

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To explore and discuss the different treatments available for thyroid disorders, and to connect to and learn from other sufferers of the impact the thyroid can have on your everyday life.


Rockford, IL


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