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Allergic Reaction to Christmas Tree

By Blogger December 26, 2013 - 8:15am

Oh my goodness. I thought yesterday, Christmas Day, would never end.

Such a terrible thing to say, I know. But, it's not for the reasons you think.

I was feeling good, and healthy upon leaving my home yesterday with my family to head to our friend's home to share in their family traditions of Christmas.

Within an hour of arriving I began to sneezing uncontrollably. It got to a point where I had to have the tissue box at my side pulling at tissues often. I started to feel uncomfortable and out of it. After a few hours of time spent with friends and my daughter having fun playing, I encouraged an early departure due to my discomfort. Turns out that my husband and daughter welcomed us leaving at that time as they both feel asleep once we got home.

Still, at home I sneezed. And sneezed and sneezed for the rest of the night.

Could it be a cold? It just seemed to weird and oddly coincidental that it started when I entered my friends' home where their big and beautifully decorated tree was.

Eventually, when I couldn't stay awake much longer because being conscious and breathing became uncomfortable too, I retired to bed. I was still feeling uncomfortable from all the sneezing. My nose hurt so much that I needed to apply Vick's to make breathing a little less painful.

While sleep was not really that good and I woke a number of times parched for water, I am up now feeling better than I did yesterday. I still feel a bit out of it but haven't sneezed once this morning.

I am starting to think that what I experienced was an allergic reaction to the Christmas tree. It's so bizarre considering that I was in their home helping with the decorating of this very tree just a few weeks prior, and was completely fine.

I love pine trees and their scent. I am bummed that this happened.

As an adult, my allergic response to things continues to change. As a child I didn't have any allergens except for medication. Now I have food and seasonal allergens that continue to surprise me.

Have you ever experienced this?

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