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Easy Typist: a Virtual Keyboard you Use with your Mouse

By April 19, 2011 - 10:32am

If you type very slowly, whether just due to a lack of skill or due to a physical or learning disability that makes it difficult for you to type, I've found a little tool that may help you type a lot faster.

It's called Easy Typist, and it's an on-screen (virtual) keyboard that you operate with your mouse that anticipates what you're typing in advance to help you "type" a lot faster. It works with your fingers too if you're using a touch-screen or a PC tablet.

It's different and better than other on-screen keyboards because Easy Typist anticipates what you're going to type BEFORE you finish typing it (or, as you will see, even start typing it). This cuts down BIG TIME on how long it takes to "type" with this virtual keyboard.


Let me repeat that: this tool will not help people who already type very well, UNLESS you're using a touch-screen tablet PC (in which case it should help a lot).

For a short video demo, watch this:


Easy Typist is free to use while it's in beta. Download it here:


Use this registration code: easytypistbeta

Program developer, Jonathan Leger is interested in gathering feedback, suggestions and bug reports from people to see if he can polish this little utility up a bit before determining what, exactly, his going to do with. Easy Typist is free while in beta and will always be free for non-profit organizations that help the disabled. So if you work for one or have any other kind of connection to a non-profit, be sure to let them know about Easy Typist.


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