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Financial Planning for People with Disabilities

By June 11, 2011 - 8:30am

Optimal Health Seekers Radio tomorrow - John Downson: Financial Planning for People with Disabilities - http://bit.ly/kju6qV

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For those of us living with chronic illness, disability or some other ongoing health condition, finding the resources, energy and motivation needed to optimize our health can be daunting to say the least. This group is for OPTIMAL HEALTH SEEKERS who are interested in tips, tactics and strategies for working towards optimal health. This group will also serve as a discussion forum for anyone interested in following the OPTIMAL HEALTH SEEKERS' RADIO show on BlogTalkRadio. The show page can be found at http://www.OptimalHealthSeekers.com. Weekly episodes and respective guest profiles will be posted here in advance of shows as forum topics. OPTIMAL HEALTH SEEKERS’ RADIO, airing Sundays at 4pm Eastern, is a show that educates inspires and empowers people seeking to find their own personal level of optimal health. Host Trish Robichaud brings a voice of compassion, logic and humour to those who are motivated to take an active, even proactive role in managing their health. A multiple award winning Disability Awareness Coach, Maximum Life & Business Coach, Author, Facilitator, Advocate & Motivational Speaker, Robichaud lives with multiple sclerosis and major depression. She is a woman with a disability but she is NOT a disabled woman!


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