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Five Things You'd Now Tell Yourself as New Mom

By HERWriter Guide September 30, 2010 - 8:16am

You know the way we can look back now - and laugh at how crazy we were as a brand new parent? We'd sterilize our entire homes, inside and out if we could, we'd have armed guards stationed by our baby's room and we'd knock over the family dog to get to our baby as soon as we even heard a gurgle.

I've only been a parent for 6 years but here is what I'll tell the new mom that was me a half dozen years ago

1. Bacteria is normal. Don't sterilize the entire house so much that Baby's immune system can't develop. Don't waste all that time sterlizing bottles - just really hard water and a gentle, natural cleaner is all it takes.
2. Baby will wear onesies for at least the first 3-5 months of his life. And they're so cute in them so don't worry about outfits, especially if you have a summer baby.
3. As long as Baby is on his back, with no toys in the crib and in a non smoking household, his likelihood of SIDS is very, very minimal. Don't stalk Baby and allow yourself to sleep instead of endlessly gazing at the camera because you mounted one over his crib and watch the screen in bed like a KGB agent.

4. Only photo-shopped celeb types pose in bikinis a month after birth. You know it's all fake and doctored anyway. It's not natural for the majority of women to bounce back into size 6 jeans a couple of weeks after birth. Eat well, take some exercise and give yourself lots of time.

5. Don't worry what others think about your parenting skills. Ask for help when you need it and as long as Baby is well loved and cared for, you're doing an excellent job - much better than you think. You'll find that out later, when Baby turns into the greatest kid in town. Trust yourself.

Ahh! There are so many more! But all in all, I think new parents do such a good job. And as we get more experienced we can look back and think how crazy we all are - but we need to remember that we too were first time parents once - so we need to allow new parents to through all the fuss too. It's kind of a right of passage!

What would you say to the first- time- mom you?

By October 7, 2010 - 12:55pm

I would tell myself that it's good for the daddy to help as much as possible. Things will get done. That's all that's important. Perfect is an illusion, and doesn't matter.
I also would tell myself that as a new mom, if the baby is fed, diapered, and sleeping, it's enough of an accomplishment for the day. I don't need to make sure the clothes are washed and folded also. It's ok to let things go when you're on maternity leave.
I also would tell myself to ask for help from others if I need it, and not bring myself to craziness trying to keep up with all the overwhelming details of everything.
I also would tell myself to save some love for the husband. He can get lost in all the new baby things, and he may need some reassurance that he is more than a paycheck and "baby backup" to you. Additionally, he needs some time to bond with the baby, so it's ok to take time for yourself so they can get used to each other.
Finally, when the baby get a little older and starts making messes, it may be a good idea to leave the mess until after the baby goes to bed and then clean up. Less headaches that way. It took me a while to figure that out.
Other than what I've said, I would tell a new mom that once the baby has been home for a month or 6 weeks, get that kid out of your bed/bedroom! Everyone will sleep better, and it's important for the child to get used to being in their own space.

You're right, there are so many. I feel like I could go on all day. You live and learn as a new parent, don't you? :)

October 7, 2010 - 12:55pm

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