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Summer is coming, along with the expense! What plans do you have for your kids?

By HERWriter Guide March 18, 2011 - 10:37am

Child care for kids in the summer is hard. I have a couple of friends who nanny share, have a nanny or somehow work their work schedules around their children due to swings shifts or having summers off themselves. Others have family help or send kids to camp.

I live in an area where camps are incredibly expensive (at least for us!) Some are $200 for five half days - 3 hours per day. Doable for some but for someone with three kids, fairly impossible.

This summer we will vacation and then spend the remainder at home, enjoying the lakes and beaches and hanging out on our deck with a slip and side, badminton court (dirt cheap to set up) and bikes and battery powered Jeeps (garage sale finds!) and the usual back yard toys. Speaking off, perusing garage sales on Friday mornings is one of our favorite activities. We can't wait! Where else can you find $375 kid sized Jeeps for $35?!

We have elected to have a very part-time nanny to help since I work from home. Camps are far too expensive and I still want time with our kids during the day. Still - summer is an expensive time for parents. What are your plans?


By March 29, 2011 - 8:27am

My boys go to regular full-time daycare. But in the summer, I feel especially guilty as I hear the other kids running around the neighborhood on their bikes, etc. At least the daycare/montessori where they go takes them to swim class, so they get to learn swimming and have some summer fun also.
I still wish I had a solution where the boys could be home in the summer without breaking the bank for a nanny. I work from home too, but I work full-time, so my time I can spend with them during the day is super limited!

March 29, 2011 - 8:27am

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