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phobias/ocd of roaches & there germs Join this Group

Hi! What would you like to see in this group?

By May 11, 2011 - 11:17am

HI! We're glad you're here. What do you hope to find in this group? Do you simply wish to connect with others like you? Or do you hope to find solace from your phobia? Have you been to see a doctor for your condition? Have you always had your condition? Tell us more about yourself.
Thanks for finding, and being a part of the EmpowHER community.

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It seems as tho I'm probably gonna b the only 1 I ever b with this fear but maybe someone else might have something similar. I have an extreme phobia/ ocd of roach germs I see shadow n feel them dropping on me,its hard to go in a store cause I'm scared I might c a piece of a roach or a live or dead one if I was to encounter this I would have to throw all my cloths shoes away after not getting into my car any walking home so I don't mess up my car! It's the worst bug case trust me is there any cure?


canton ohio


This Group is Open to all EmpowHER.com members