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am i pregnant?

By July 4, 2015 - 12:27am

hi. i am new here.this is my first time to join a group like this. i am very confused and scared and i have no one to talk to. My last period was may 4. Last may 8, i was with my friends and drinking in their house. she got some friends(guys) whom we dont know. the thing is i went to pee in their comfort room and as i was sitting on the toilet, i suddenly thought what if there's a semen on the toilet seat from the other visitors. I know it's crazy and ignore those thoughts. Then on the last week of May, I got severe back pain. I went to the dr.,it is not UTI.,I became scared and think what if I am pregnant. I was anxious and crying because i dont want to get pregnant. I will lose my job. i bought PT on the first week of June and its negative, but I got some white cervical discharge.,It's my first time to have those discharge and when i looked in the internet that's the first symptom of a early pregnancy. 3rd week of june, y discharge became egg white I was so happy because I know that I am fertile meaning my period is on its way. then my breast hurts and was tender. Unfortunately it's just lasted for 3 days then went back to white sticky sometimes watery white discharge. I tested three times and all negative. I had cramping and whenever I looked it's the white creamy/sometimes sticky discharge. then i got some pregnancy symptoms.,I know it's crazy.,I mean i am not sexually active.but I am afraid that the sperms were on my pantyliner and it went to my vagina 9things like that) i think I will loose my mind. Is it possible for me to get pregnant. If not where is my period. Please help me. Please.Please.

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Do you experience, fatigue, breast pain, stomach pain, headache, mood swings, depressed, bloating, acne, lack of energy, aching muscles and joints, food cravings, anxiety, anger, weight gain and sleep pattern changes? If you say yes to any of these they are all normal. Up to age 21 if you find your symptoms being really bad as you get older your body change and you experience less PMS symptoms. Many of the times it's all hormonal issue and their is no need to worry. Take Motrin (ibuprofen) which is over counter which will help with PMS symptoms. Does your period last up to 7-10 days? Do you experience vaginal discharge after your period ends? Do you get your period every 26-28 days, sometimes up to 35 days? If you say yes to any of these they are normal. If you say no let me know how your doing and I'll be glad to help with your concern. Melissa


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