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Not sure what to do

By January 2, 2016 - 10:56pm

My husband and I are on our 3rd year of marriage and it's constant fighting. Allow me to preface that with a little background information on us. I have emotional issues beginning from childhood, ptsd and trust issues. He has a drinking problem from years of partying in college and never dealing with his own issues.
When I get mad I cant think straight. I just see red and dont care what I say, regardless of whose feelings I hurt. Ive realized this about myself yet have not been able to change it. My husband exacerbates it sometimes with his drinking and I feel that these last few years have built up more and more resentment. We have an almost two year old son who we both love but he's seen some fights that I feel may have traumatized him. We rushed into the marriage because I was pregnant after 4 months of dating and honestly it was his idea, I didnt want to make him feel trapped. If anything, I feel like im the one thats trapped. I.don't know what to do .

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