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By October 17, 2010 - 8:33pm

i was just diagnosed a couple of months ago with bipolar and feel like im going to lose my mind more and more each day. i would'nt wish this illness on anybody. ive lost so many friends, because they dont understand what im going thru.

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Here you will find encouragement for the hurting, empowering ideas, challenges to the status quo. This is a forum by a "former" bipolar/schizo-affective male who has attempted suicide 3 times, been jailed 3 times, been hospitalized over 15 times, and has found his ultimate fulfillment and purpose in a relationship with the Creator of the Universe. I want to practice love here, and I invite all who are hurting or scared to be transparent here. For no one will judge you or belittle you no matter what crazy things you have done or thought. I used to believe I was God of this Universe- how's that for crazy? I understand the mental problems people have, because I have discovered a way to maintain vibrant mental health, and to always be "moving forward", so to speak, on my long journey towards Heaven. I want to hear your experiences. Your fears. Your challenges. Your angers. I've felt them all, and in ways more intense than I can possibly describe on paper. I nearly went to Hell. I was on the verge- for what seemed like eternities. I knew Hell was but a moment away, if I gave into the darkness that coursed through my very veins. But miraculously God sustained me, through constant prayer, and now I have reached a point where my mind has become strong enough to handle all of my own affairs with no assistance from medication. I want to empower you to drop the SSRI's, the Anti-Psychotics, the Mood Stabilizers- these are nothing but artificial, man-made technologies that don't reach to the heart of the matter- which is the picture of reality you choose to create for yourself in your mind. When Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, He literally meant- IT IS IN YOUR MIND AND HEART! ALL ARE WELCOME HERE. LET'S SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS TOGETHER, AND MOVE INTO A FUTURE OF LOVE AND HARMONY AND ETERNITY FOR ALL.


Penn Valley, CA


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