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scared and hurt. please help Join this Group

one month missed period afraid if i am pregnant

By July 4, 2015 - 12:22am

hi. i am new here.this is my first time to join a group like this. i am very confused and scared and i have no one to talk to. My last period was may 4. Last may 8, i was with my friends and drinking in their house. she got some friends(guys) whom we dont know. the thing is i went to pee in their comfort room and as i was sitting on the toilet, i suddenly thought what if there's a semen on the toilet seat from the other visitors. I know it's crazy and ignore those thoughts. Then on the last week of May, I got severe back pain. I went to the dr.,it is not UTI.,I became scared and think what if I am pregnant. I was anxious and crying because i dont want to get pregnant. I will lose my job. i bought PT on the first week of June and its negative, but I got some white cervical discharge.,It's my first time to have those discharge and when i looked in the internet that's the first symptom of a early pregnancy. 3rd week of june, y discharge became egg white I was so happy because I know that I am fertile meaning my period is on its way. then my breast hurts and was tender. Unfortunately it's just lasted for 3 days then went back to white sticky sometimes watery white discharge. I tested three times and all negative. I had cramping and whenever I looked it's the white creamy/sometimes sticky discharge. I know it's crazy.,I mean i am not sexually active.but I am afraid that the sperms were on my pantyliner and it went to my vagina 9things like that) i think I will loose my mind. Is it possible for me to get pregnant. If not where is my period. Please help me. Please.Please.

By July 4, 2015 - 12:26am

.,i forgot to mention that I am experiencing some pregnancy symptoms.,got strong sense of smell.,very queasy.,not feeling well all the time. please help me.

July 4, 2015 - 12:26am

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Kay so i am a pretty straight up honest person and i know there may be women on here who have been through the same thing i have so i need help.. going to admit first of all that i am a virgin. I have had a couple accidents regarding guys taking advantage of me or trying to at least. And getting extremely close. Touching there with their dick. Sometimes i wouldnt even be willing for them to do that.. one time when a guy did this he got too close and wouldnt stop, and further things happened after that leading to me in the hospital the next day and being put on plan b as a precaution. I have had myself in this situation with 3 guys already and i feel dirty and gross. I get called a whore when this happens and i actually start to feel like one too especially when my mom gets mad at me when these things happen.. its not like i mean for it to happen.. anyways. Yesterday a guy took advantage of me again.. and got really close.. im going to take plan b again in a couple hours but im really scared of it effecting my body in a negative way since ice taken it in october. Im just scared and hurt and i dont know what to do..


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