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boyfriend NEVER wants to have sex

By April 27, 2012 - 6:31pm

I need SOME HELP. I have been with my boyfriend almost a year now, we moved in together about 3 months ago. Lately he has been abusing prescription pills because he is in pain, and has 3 pinched nerves in his shoulder. WE fight more than ever, he says he will stop taking them. My part is I say if you are in pain, take them, then I go back on my word.
I feel like we are growing up, and sometimes we are so close. HE never wants to have sex anymore and if we do, which is rare, it is maybe a minute. Or he will want a blow job, if anything.
I feel SO disgusting, insecure, and unattractive. HE tells me he loves me, he is attracted to me, but nothing changes...
HELP. What is really going on??

By Blogger May 8, 2012 - 11:41am

Hello Weareyoung,

This is a tough situation and good for you for acknowledging the issue at hand and reaching out for help. You've taken the most difficult step already. Awareness, acknowledging and reaching out. I agree with Susan, sounds like an addiction and it's unfortunate because I hear more and more of this because there are doctors out there that over prescribe pills. What he is prescribed to take and do you know for sure he is abusing?

If he admits that he is, then make sure you support him and do not attack him. I would mention going back the doctor to discuss the intake, how to control so he doesn't abuse. You want to make sure you are by his side, and not attacking, but helping, supporting and being there for him. Communication is KEY!

You shouldn't feel the way you do because you don't deserve it. So, I would open communication without attacking or threatening and make sure he knows all how you feel. Actions speed louder than words, so if you don't see improvement or receive the respect and love you need/want... then you'll have to make a decision...

Good luck!! Keep us posted!
Susan Vernicek

May 8, 2012 - 11:41am

Group Leader

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