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Masterbating your husband

By December 19, 2014 - 7:37pm

Hello, I'm new to EmporHER and this group. I my conversation title maybe strange but I really would like to explain what I'm experiencing and get some advice. Here's a little history. My husband and I have been married 17 years. I'm 41 and he's 47. We have a great marriage as far as we are concerned. We are close, he's my best friend. Of course, no marriage is perfect. But we truly consider ourselves very lucky compared to some couples we know. We are normally sexually active 3 to 4 times a week, in my opinion considering I work 10 hour days and we have our 2 teenage sons at home, that's great. My husbands a retired Corrections officer, a stay at home Dad. So here's my situation, I'm reluctant to calling it an issue or problem at this time. For about 3 months now my husband has been telling me that I've been having dreams where I'm moaning , deep breathing and he can even hear me gasping sometimes. At first he said he didn't think much of it, he mentioned it to me and we laughed it off. Well, one instance he said I was doing it again but he watched me. He said my hips were moving and I was grinding myself onto the bed. He said it went on for about 10 minutes and I made sounds as if I had climaxed. A couple times while this was going on he said he'd quietly called my name because he's was afraid to scare me awake. Now, like I said before we are a sexual couple so my actions had turned my husband on. It's nothing for one of us to wake the other out of sleep to make love. So that's what he did, he gently coaxed me awake finding that I had in fact climaxed in my sleep. When I was finally awake we made love and went back to bed once we were done. The next morning he tells me about what happened. Now I remember him waking me up and us having sex but I don't recall any dream that I had to cause that type of reaction. So, it's happened periodically and my husband will just tell me about the next day. Now this is where it's get a little more unusual. A few nights ago I was having what I thought was a very vivid dream about my husband and in the dream I was masterbating him with my hand. However, I was if fact actually rubbing my husbands penis an doing exactly that. He of course thought it was just me doing what we normally do until he said he was talking to me and I wasn't repsonding. After a few minutes he calls my name all the while I'm still at it but I never answer him. He didn't try to stop me because he wanted to see how far I would go. Finally he started to become really aroused, he turned to me to try and wake me up. He does, I asked him what's wrong and before he responds I get up and say I'll be back I have to go pee. When I returned he asked if I had been dreaming . I of course told him yes and what about. That's when he told me what I doing and of course of showed me how aroused he was. I don't know what to make of this. My husbands not upset about it but I find it very strange. Thanks for listening and please offer any advice on what if anything I should be doing about this.

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