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By October 22, 2010 - 5:31pm

Hi all, could anybody help me with this please it has been wrrying me to the point of sickness & its all i keep stressing about. ok this is abit about my pregnancy: last period was last week of march 2010 not sure on exact date or how long they go for etc it was between the 22nd and the 30th about 4 or so days long. i have a partner #1 who ive been seeing on and off for the past 4 years and ive never got pregnant to him before ( i was on the pill) then we decided we would go for it and have a baby so i stopped the pill in about january this year. weve had sex frequently since but we went a bit rocky & i was with guy #2 after id had a few to many drinks, made a mistake never wanted to hear about it again. i was with guy # 2 on april 25th (this is around the time i should have had my periods or were very close to being due) then on 1st may i took a pregnancy test and it was positive only 6 days after guy #2 and periods ment to being due. the period i got in march was the last period i got. my first ultrasound i had showed around 7 weeks doctors due date gave me January 4th 2011. is the ANY chance guy #2 has any part of this? please PLEASE help. it seems not but i still need some advice to ease my stressing, its also strange i was off the pill for all those months and never got pregnant as soon as i sleep with someone new i get pregnant thats all that runs through me head :/

By October 22, 2010 - 5:31pm

btw im 30 weeks pregnant now :)

October 22, 2010 - 5:31pm

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