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Toxic Mothers and Adhd Daughters

By September 4, 2018 - 5:51am

Being a person who lives with ADHD doesn’t erase the other issues women deal with in particular the mother/daughter dynamic issues. Having Toxic mothers gaslighting you and in all sorts of ways damaging self esteem, helping develop damaging communication behaviours and sometimes equally unhelpful coping methods. This seems to be a difficult issue since mothers are usually primary care givers and are the ones to seek medical care, who administer medication or action practices to support their children. There doesn’t seem to be any data about this psychological trauma of this and it impact on those with ADHD. Who regardless of Educational successful are emotionally vulnerable to such a parent. Does having a unsupported borderline parent increase the negative impact outcomes of ADHD people. Something to think about

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This is a group for women living with ADHD. Whether diagnosed early or later in life it is important for us to speak about our experience with ADHD, good or bad. This group is to share advice, anecdotes etc. For too long we have been judged by male presentations of ADHD, well we need to make a point that in order to support women better, all need understand what we need for that support to be successful. It starts with communication and trust. I hope some may find this group a place to start and continue. (Savvy indépendant sisters talking about Hyperkinesis)


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