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10 Possible Causes of Infertility and its Prevention

By March 26, 2017 - 12:22pm

Infertility among both the genders is a thing that is generally not spoken about due to the sensitivity of the issue. But in the recent years, the rate of this disease has risen and thus more and more people are opening up about it. Over the last few years a lot of improvement has taken place in the infertility healthcare sector. But the actual reason for this dysfunction has not been zeroed down as of yet. Modern medicine speaks about the following causes.
1. Uterine Fibroids:
Among women, the biggest factor is uterine fibroids.
A high percentage of women have this dysfunction and the risk of infertility is much higher in such women. Ovulation problem is another factor that can make women become infertile or semi-infertile.
2. Stress is a major contributor
Stress is one of the biggest factors for infertility in both the genders. Most men and women undergo stressful situations and this makes them loose potency. Treating stress at an early age can help you to forgo infertility.
3. Poor Diet:
Poor diet is another big factor that contributes to this disease. Each body requires a certain amount of dietary control. If we are unable to give our body what it needs, more than often it will not function properly. Make sure that you are consuming the right food in order to keep your body fit.
4. Poor Lifestyle:
Poor lifestyle is also another factor that contributes to infertility.
If you are unable to get proper sleep or exercise, it takes a toll on the body. Being overweight or underweight are big reasons behind many couple not being able to conceive. It is very important to do proper exercise regularly and to get a good amount of quality sleep.
5. Increasing Age:
Aging is one of the biggest factors for women who are unable to conceive. According to doctors, women trying to conceive should have at least one child by the age of 30. These days delayed marriages are often causing infertility due to age.
6. Excessive Athletic Training:
Athletic training is another cause of infertility among both the genders. If you are in the training process, make sure that you do not over do it at any point of time.
7. Tight Clothes:
The clothes we wear have an effect on our body. In the same way wearing clothes that are too tight will have an effect on the testicles and ovaries. This specially applies to men as per professionals. Make sure that you are wearing loose comfortable clothes most of the time.
8. Various Health Issues:
Some people suffer from health issues that have a toll on their hormones. This specially applies to women.
9. Adverse Effects of Medications
There are certain medicines that take a toll on out body. Ranging from decrease in the immunity to infertility, they can wreck lot havoc.
10. Contraceptives:
Over consumption of contraceptives is also another reason as to why women often fail to conceive.
If you are having problems in conceiving, it is best to consult a gynecologist or a doctor who can treat the same. Just as GC, Lipican & Acidim help to dissolve gallstones; proper medication can help you to complete your happy family in a natural and healthier way.

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