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12 Surprising Positive Ways Marijuana Can Improve Your Skin

By March 3, 2017 - 4:16pm

We’ve heard a lot about the effect of marijuana on bones, cancer cells, metabolism, and lungs, but did you know it also has an impact on the way you look, particularly in the skin? Before we dig deeper into what marijuana can do, let’s better understand this ingredient.
What Is Marijuana
Also called, herb, pot, bud, Mary Jane, Ganja, weed, and grass, marijuana is a greenish mixture of dried flowers and leaves of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. It is used to brew tea or consumed for medicinal purposes. But it is also added into foods like candies, brownies, and cookies.

Marijuana is consumed in various ways. Here are some.

Smoking – It involves burning and inhaling smoke from tobacco leaf or small pipes.
Tea – Because it has small amounts of the oil called THC that is water soluble, it is often dissolved in water. It is prepared by adding milk or cream to hot water and then a dose of cannabis.
Vaporizer – In this method, cannabis is heated. Thus, all active ingredients in the plant evaporate into vapor.
Edibles – Although it sounds unbelievable, cannabis is added as an ingredient to different foods, such as baked goods and butter. In India, there is even a beverage made from this plant. It is called “bhang”.

Nowadays, marijuana is becoming very popular because of what it can do. Although there are debates between legalizing its use because it causes hallucinations and psychosis, many are enjoying its benefits.

Consuming marijuana has a direct impact on the skin, but it depends on how it is used, either it is smoked internally or infused with the skin externally through skin care products. From providing relief for swelling skin to treating acne, here are 12 positive ways marijuana can improve your skin.
1. It helps heal skin problems.
According to research, hemp seed oil can help heal various skin conditions like rashes, eczema, and psoriasis. Thanks to the fatty acids present in this oil, the body’s immune responses are affected, hence promoting healing.
For a better relief, this oil is used internally and externally. When ingested, blood levels are improved, which speeds healing from the inside. On the other hand, if used topically, dryness and itchiness are alleviated.
2. It promotes a healthy complexion.
Because it is easily absorbed by the skin without leaving that greasy feeling, hemp seed oil is used for a better and glowing complexion. Aside from that, it helps detoxify the skin, leaving it toned and balanced.

Unlike other existing oils, this product nourishes even the driest skin without sticking to it. Therefore, it doesn’t cause the pores to clog. If you are on the lookout for an excellent moisturizer, you might want to consider this product.
3. It treats acne.
People think that any sorts of oil won’t do any good in treating acne. Truth be told, due to its light consistency, the oil from marijuana works great for an acne-prone skin.

To use, simple mix several drops of neem oil with marijuana oil to reduce acne marks and prevent them from scarring. In order to soothe swelling, you may also combine this oil with lavender oil. The solution should clear the skin.

Nevertheless, there are many different organic acne creams
you can use in place of cannabis like Keeva. They are safer and easier to use. As a matter of fact, you can easily purchase some of them online.
4. It effectively cures burns.
If you are suffering from burns, use any cannabis-infused product. It should lessen the severity and duration of pain and discomfort. Also, it encourages prevention of any long-term damage. Then again, before using, be sure to seek help from experts. This is especially important if you have allergies.
5. It prevents skin abnormalities.
Although smoking marijuana can cause the skin to dry out, when used topically, it reduces skin abnormalities, such as moles and warts.

But obviously, for serious skin problems, you will have to consult a doctor before trying this as a treatment. When it comes to marijuana, not every product is created equally. So, as much as possible, opt for products that have been clinically tested.

6. It can slow down hair growth.
Do you want to get rid of those excess back hairs? Why not put some weed on it? There are studies that show that when applied in a dose-dependent manner, hair growth slows down. No wonder it is considered the future of cosmetic treatments.
7. It controls oil production.
The skin contains lots of oil-producing glands that are responsible for lubricating the skin and protects the body from germs and viruses. The oil produced by the sebaceous gland, which is called sebum, is slightly acidic. Hence, it neutralizes the growth of unwanted bacteria.

When applied to the skin, sebum creation is controlled. Aside from that, the function of the hair follicle is maintained.
8. It retains a radiant and youthful skin.
A healthy skin means the body is able to grow new cells and get rid of those that are dead and no longer capable of doing their function. With marijuana, a proper cell life cycle is regulated, which means the skin stays radiant and youthful.

Since marijuana is packed with vitamin A, C, and E, as well as omega 3 fatty acids, it is considered an excellent source for antioxidants. That said, it is capable of protecting the skin from free radicals, such as environmental pollutants, smoke, and ultraviolet rays. These free radicals cause wrinkles and fine lines.
9. It is a great ingredient for face masks.
For those who wish to fight wrinkles and reduce the damages brought about by daily free radicals, you might want to create a face mask out of marijuana. By combining cannabis seed oil, avocado, essential oils, and spirulina powder, you can create a natural face mask. Use it once a week to keep a youthful, vibrant, and healthy skin.
10. It offers relief for common skin triggers associated with skin disorders.
Nowadays, there are plenty of creams and topical products that are created for people, who prefer to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and at the same time, relieve common signs associated with skin disorders like bug bites, pain, itching, burning, scrapes, wounds, and inflammation.
11. It nourishes the scalp.
Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and fatty acids that stimulate the growth of hair and adds more shine to it. So, when added in conditioners and shampoo, the hair stays healthy and strong. Also, it has moisturizing properties that fights dryness, improving scalp health and keeping it free from dandruff.

There are also other organic and natural products that keep the scalp at its optimum condition. A simple search online will give you a list of suggestions.
12. It creates a protective skin shield.
If used together with other hydrating oils, cannabis helps the skin’s natural shield in functioning properly. It aids in the stimulation of cell regeneration. As a result, you stop those aging lines from showing and keep the skin glowing and baby-soft.
The Downside
Despite all its benefits for the skin, there are negative side effects of using cannabis. However, most of them are influenced by the way it is applied. To avoid its harmful effects, it is advised not to smoke it. Instead, advanced methods should be used, such as vaporizing, dabbing, and water pipes. And if you insist using it, make sure you educate yourself about marijuana and avoid smoking it.

The real perk of consuming cannabis is less stress. If stress is reduced, the likelihood of developing skin problems is lessened. That, as well as a balanced diet, helps a lot to better your skin health. Basically, the key to reaping all its benefits is balance. By knowing when to use it and understanding some important practices, it can go a long way towards having a healthy skin.

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