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Prevent Getting an Eye Stye

By November 27, 2017 - 3:34am

It’s a condition that starts out with a small bump quite similar to a pimple growing on your eyelid’s inner or outer side. Normally it occurs when the eyelid’s oil glands become clogged which leads to an infection. Except being extremely painful, it also affects your appearance and can be very uncomfortable.

An eye stye does not disappear overnight with any treatment. It may last between two and three days before improving. Sometimes people have recurrent problems with a stye, because of their work nature, personal hygiene or some physiological reasons. Thus, it’s better to try and avoid it from developing, and the following advice might help you.

Things you can try to prevent an eye stye from developing

It’s important to avoid stress and try to relax

Stress is normally a very common reason for people to develop a stye. Someone that suffers from a condition of continuous stress can be at a higher risk to get it. People in stressful situations commonly neglect their health. It includes getting too little sleep, incorrect eating habits or not enough, as well as improper treatment of their body and face. Additionally, they tend to constantly rub their eyes due to their vision that starts to blur caused by tiredness.

The fact is that all stress can’t be avoided. Thus, a person’s personal hygiene and health get affected, as well as the immune system. Consequently, it can be more vulnerable and at a higher risk to get infections. The body during stress excretes specific hormones and chemicals that may be part of the problem with a stye.

Sometimes stress might be good for a person to get him/her going. However, instead of trying to avoid it completely, it will be better to apply a positive handle on it and reduce the amount of stress.

People should look for activities to release stress, like playing with a pet, singing karaoke, dancing wildly, taking a walk, or watching a comedy. Furthermore, one could play games on the computer, exercise, do yoga or meditation. Stress is also relieved when having sex.

It’s also good to try and decrease reactions that are negative towards stress because generally there aren’t much of a choice in what happens in your life. But, you have the choice of how to react to what happened.

Routines of your eyelid’s hygiene should be good

Due to the glands that clogged up it will get infected and cause a stye. Therefore, it’s important to prevent this from happening. You should start with regular and more frequent washing up of your hands and face. Gently massage and wash eyelids to remove extra debris which may hang around.

Eyelid scrubs should be scheduled either daily or weekly, especially when you have a problem with a recurrent eye stye condition caused by infection and inflammation of the eyelid.

A clean cotton ball or washcloth can be soaked in water that is warm and used with baby shampoo to gently and properly scrub the eyelids. This can eliminate or reduce any bacteria which may cause the infection.

When wearing makeup on your eyes, it’s important to clean the eyes properly at night and never go to bed without doing so. This is vital because some cosmetic residues will easily clog your eyelid glands. Remember also to get rid of any expired or old makeup for your eyes.

Don’t touch or rub the eyes using your hands

Most infections of the eyes can occur by touching or rubbing your eyes with your hands. Human hands hold a lot of different micro-organisms which sometimes can be infectious like bacteria. The bacteria may increase when you at times touch a dollar note, keyboard or I phone.

Sometimes people might think if they washed their hands it is ok to touch their eyes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean hands are free of infections. It’s recommended to never use a bare hand for rubbing eyes unless you washed it thoroughly and disinfect them with some alcohol.

Begin with a compress that is warm

Redness and pain around your eyelid’s small area may be a sign of an eye stye in the early stages. By using compresses that is warm during this stage frequently, it can speed up the healing process and also prevent lid gland blockage to develop further.

It’s recommended to use a washcloth and soak it in water that is quite warm to apply onto the affected area, re-soak it once the cloth cooled down. You may also use an egg that is hard boiled which will retain heat for a longer period. This must be repeated about four times every day, for a period of between five and ten minutes.

Don’t share any items related to your eye

Avoid sharing any eye related items to ensure you won’t get the condition from someone else. This means makeup or cosmetic tools for the eyes, like eyelash combs or lashes curlers, as well as cosmetic contact lenses, plus solution for contacts should be prohibited to share.

This doesn’t mean that you are acting selfishly because it can involve consequences that are serious. Pink eyes or eye stye ordinarily may be contagious. Plus, it’s also possible to contract other diseases of the eyes that might have devastating problems for your eyes, like corneal ulcers.

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