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What Could Make Your Snoring Problem Worse and When It Is Considered a Serious Health Problem

By October 4, 2017 - 9:55am

Indeed, snoring is a major issue that concerns intimacy and relationships, as it can significantly disrupt a partner’s deep slumber. What’s more is that it can also be a symptom of a serious health issue. But before you run around looking for instant remedies, it pays to know why it becomes worse. This article is written with the help of ZenSleep effective snoring solutions that work the first night!

What Triggers Snoring to Worsen?

Yes, it is not just your imagination. Too much alcoholic drinks can actually aggravate your partner’s snoring. Also, depressants like sleep aids, scotch, and prescription pills contribute to snoring as they relax your muscles further, forcing air through a restricted airway.

Interestingly, back sleeping may also make nocturnal snores even worse since that position forces the palate and the tongue to fall back and block the airway. The good thing is that some people were able to find a solution to the problem by simply tapping a small tennis ball to their backs, stopping them to roll as they sleep.

But did you know that if you are really a true snorer or you are diagnosed with the worst snoring problem called sleep apnea, sleeping positions won’t matter. It’s something new, huh?

Lastly, weight gain may instantly transform a quiet sleeper into a loud snorer. That is the reason why many medical professionals suggest weight loss plans for overweight snorers. If not, lifestyle changes are recommended to totally get rid of snoring.

Believe it or not, even the slightest lifestyle modifications like shedding some excess pounds, saying no to alcoholic drinks before bedtime, and avoiding sedatives in your routine, does wonders in your battle against snoring. They may sound like simple things you tend to overlook, but in reality, they are very helpful. Though they don’t fix the issue, they can greatly improve your quality of life and reduce snoring.

When Is Snoring a Serious Health Issue?

We mentioned about sleep apnea above, but do you know what it means? Sleep apnea is a condition that is characterized by breathing stops while in deep slumber. According to statistics, about 25 percent of the snorer population has this problem.

More often than not, a person with sleep apnea may show more symptoms than just snoring. Some of them experience choking. Others gasp during sleep. Many people also stop snoring and for a while, but gasp or take deep breaths moments later. Daytime fatigue and morning headaches are other signs to watch out for.

Knowing how sleep apnea can affect a person, one should investigate and find remedies right away, unless he or she wants to suffer the health risks.

Well, the first thing a person with sleep apnea should do is to find a physician who can conduct a sleep study at home or at a sleep clinic. During the study, there’ll be devices used to track breathing patterns, sleep, and the blood oxygen levels. If sleep apnea is identified, the patient will be referred to a surgeon or a respirologist for a thorough and in-depth treatment.

Obviously, snoring won’t do any good for you, but it is a fact of life. Some experience it; others don’t. But no matter what the situation is, you can always reduce its impact on a person’s hours of deep sleep.

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