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Fortnite: Tips and strategies for new players

By January 17, 2022 - 1:43pm

Fortnite is a free-to-play game, which means that all players need to do is download it. The game is now available on Google Play, as mentioned previously.

However, Epic has released Fortnite on nearly every platform available. The installer is available for PC and Mac users on the Fortnite website. Owners of the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One can download the game via their console's respective game store. Android users can download the game via the Google Play Store or from Epic's website, while iOS users can download it via the Apple App Store. On certain platforms, players will be required to sign up for an Epic account, which can be obtained via the company's website.

While the game is free, there are some in-game purchases. V-Bucks are the in-game currency that can be used to purchase outfits, referred to as skins, as well as dances, gliders, and other cosmetic items. Each 100 V-Bucks is roughly equivalent to $1 in real money. You can generate V Bucks for free by using Free V Bucks Generator software.

Each season also includes a Battle Pass. The season pass costs 950 V-Bucks, or $9.50, and unlocks in-game content as you play and complete certain challenges throughout the 10-week season.

The game's rules
Let's review the rules of the game prior to your first match. Fortnite, along with other battle royale games such as PUBG and Apex Legends, is dubbed a battle royale game because it is based on the Japanese manga and film "Battle Royale": everyone fights until only one person remains standing.

Each Fortnite battle royale match features 100 players who compete solo, in duos, or as part of a four-person squad. Each character has 100 health points, which can be replenished using items found on the island. Shields are worth 100 points and can be acquired through potions and other consumables. Players who reach zero health points are eliminated, and whoever or whatever team survives until the match's conclusion wins the Victory Royale.

Prepared to fall
After choosing a character and a game mode – singles, duos, or teams – players begin each match at Spawn Island, where Epic's system randomly assigns 100 combatants. You can run around, dance, harvest items, or simply wait on this island, but whatever you do or gather here will not carry over into the match. When everyone is ready, they are transported to the Battle Bus, a flying blue school bus that transports them to the island where the gameplay takes place.

At the start of each match, the Battle Bus takes a different route across the island. You have the option of jumping off at any time, or you will be forced to do so once the bus has completed its journey across the map. Everyone lands on the island after a brief period of skydiving. Once on the ground, you'll need to gather weapons, items, and materials in order to outlast your opponents.

However, other players are not the only source of concern. After five minutes, the island is surrounded by a storm. Each second, those caught in the storm will suffer damage. The storm circle shrinks and deals more damage as the match progresses, making it critical to avoid it as much as possible.

If you're eliminated, you can either watch the remainder of the match or return to the lobby and begin a new game. You win the Victory Royale if you outlast everyone else.

Acquiring the ability to pew
Fortnite supports three different control schemes: video game controllers, touch controls on mobile devices, and mouse and keyboard. Of the three schemes, mouse and keyboard is generally regarded as the superior option due to the increased accuracy provided by a mouse when shooting. Additionally, you can use keybinds to customize the function of a keyboard or mouse button. For instance, the left mouse button is the default key for shooting, but some players change it to build a wall instead. Spending time determining the optimal keybinds can result in significant time savings during a match.

As a third-person perspective shooting game, in which you view your avatar on screen rather than in first person, the controls are comparable to those found in many other shooters. The character is moved with one hand, while the other is used to aim. When equipped with a weapon, it's best to aim down the sights (the button for this varies by platform) before firing to ensure an accurate shot. When using grenades or other throwable weapons, the display on the screen will change from a firing reticle to a throwing arc, indicating the direction in which your weapon will land.

If you've played any modern shooter, you'll recognize these controls. However, it is the following section that truly distinguishes Fortnite from other video games.

Construct, infant, construct
During a match, players can construct structures to defend themselves, gain access to certain areas, or gain an advantage over an opponent. It is just as critical, if not more so, than accuracy.

At the start of each match, players are automatically equipped with a pickax, or harvesting tool. It inflicts minimal damage on opponents, but is necessary because it enables you to acquire materials. Almost everything on the island can be harvested, providing wood, metal, or stone, sometimes referred to as brick. These three materials are used in construction, and they vary in strength, with wood being the least durable and brick being the most durable.

There are four fundamental structures that can be constructed: walls, floors, stairwells, and roofs. Each requires ten pieces of any material and takes a few seconds to complete. Once constructed, they can be deleted entirely or in part using the edit button (more on that further down). Other players can destroy your creations with a variety of weapons, which is why it's critical to choose the right material. A stone wall is more susceptible to damage than a wood wall.

As implied by the game's title, the most common approach to structures is to construct a fort. This provides some protection from bullets and allows for a better view of your adversaries. In the majority of cases, you'll be constructing to defend yourself. On the other hand, professional players can construct for both defense and offense. Offensive building is the act of erecting a structure around another player in an attempt to trap them.

Construction is critical to being a successful Fortnite player. Regularly practice until you can do it effortlessly.

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