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Reasons to upgrade your wheels

By January 19, 2022 - 4:50am

The four little contact patches that grasp the road: your tires, seem to be the most significant pieces of real estate on your automobile. Everything is determined by a few sq ft of rubber. Tires are responsible for harnessing the engine's power, allowing the brakes to do their job, and determining how well a vehicle could go around a turn, whether it's turning into a parking space or roaring into a high-speed sweeper.

Yes, tires and wheels (be it 22 inch wheels or regular wheels) bear a significant amount of weight. A complicated combination of wires, foam, and polymers, all molded into a highly designed contour, makes up that thin round as well black doughnut. Then it's installed on a wheel and filled with air to provide its shape and definition. The designers of your vehicle, tires, and wheels collaborated to create the perfect balance of grip, road feel, ride comfort, noise reduction, and tire wear.

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