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Mental health tips

By December 23, 2020 - 6:04am

Mental health is a state of mental well-being that is characterized by the absence of painful mental manifestations and provides adequate regulation of behavior and activities.

The meaning of the concept is not limited to medical and psychological criteria, it always reflects the social essay writer and group norms and values ​​that govern the spiritual life of man.

Excessive emotional (stress) situations often occur in the life of a modern person, which cause undesirable consequences for his physical (exhaustion, exacerbation of chronic diseases) and psychological (depression) health.

Signs of psychological overload can be emotional deviations, manifested in increased excitement, vulnerability, hostility, anger, unusual aggression, inability to concentrate, confusion, loss of control over the situation, feelings of hopelessness, guilt and hopelessness. Very often emotional overload is accompanied by fear, a feeling of panic.

To eliminate the effects of stress and mental strain use anti-stress behavioral programs: self-training, nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, folk remedies, spiritual cleansing and more.

1. Autotraining. As a system of techniques of conscious mental self-regulation of the person autotraining provides daily (4-6 times on 5-10 min.) Repetition of the verbal formulas directed on calming and relaxation of certain parts of a body.
2. Rational nutrition. Products that exacerbate the adverse effects of stressful situations are refined sugar, soup concentrates, candies, sweets, desserts and sweetened soft drinks. Contribute to relieving stress - raw vegetables, fruits, berries, vegetables, walnuts, honey, natural juices.
3. Exercise. Overcoming stress is facilitated by health jogging, swimming, skiing, rowing, rhythmic gymnastics during normal physical activity.
4. Yoga. To overcome mental and nervous arousal and achieve relaxation, yoga exercises are practiced - spiritual practice, a system of physical and mental exercises aimed at achieving the highest good of self-knowledge, self-immersion, complete liberation of consciousness from the outside world.
5. Meditation. Improves the emotional state of meditation - mental activity, the purpose of which is to direct the human psyche to self-absorption, concentration, self-liberation from emotional manifestations, alienation from external objects. Among the many methods, the easiest and most accessible is a relaxed sitting on a chair for 15 minutes. with his hands on his knees and palms facing up, with thoughts directed into space.
6. Folk remedies. For thousands of years, people have empirically found that the use of nettle infusion (without restrictions) helps to overcome nervous and emotional stress; nervousness - raw beet juice; neuroses - infusion of spring birch leaves; depression and neurasthenia - infusion of aralia roots. Use other herbal remedies.
7. Spiritual purification. A significant role in spiritual purification belongs to the natural environment. Within objectively clean landscapes, remote from man-made infrastructures, man is "charged" with energy and neutralizes negative factors.

Progressive technogenesis presents man with new challenges in adapting to living conditions, forcing him to use more and more knowledge and energy for this purpose. Proper education, availability of medical information, individual interest in maintaining or restoring satisfactory health, work and life culture, mental life, timely medical treatment contribute to the harmonization of spiritual and physical capabilities.

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