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Sleeping and new medication

By August 25, 2012 - 10:25am

Hi everyone! I have been totally neglectful in participating on the site. With a year and a half of severe sleep deprivation I just couldn't manage it anymore. I am actually on doctor's orders to be doing nothing but sleeping, resting, eating nutritiously, staying safe and minimizing external stimuli which includes the computer. Although I'm not sure when I will be back on, I felt I had to post this information for everyone. After trying every available sleep medication available in Canada, as well as, trying many medications "off-label" (meds created not for sleeping but have the side effect of drowsiness)....I am finally sleeping with a successful medication. The medication is called Clonidine. It's actually a blood pressure medication that calms the nervous system, can be used to help with both opioid withdrawal and anxiety and is now being used as a treatment for insomnia. Well it works for me!!!! The dose has to be very low or you can run the risk of your blood pressure dropping too low. I take 0.2 mg at bedtime. Unfortunately I have to take it by 7:00 pm or I get a drug hangover the next day, but I'm sleeping! Good luck to everyone. I hope this medication can help someone else. Kali

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