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surviving and curing insomnia

By October 27, 2011 - 2:21pm

Has anyone suffered from chronic insomnia for several months? I'm at the 11 month point, plus the longer it goes the worse my Fibromyalgia pain gets. I'm falling apart physically and mentally. From hair loss, to headaches, nausea, skin problems, sleep deprivation depression and overall mental and physical non-functioning. I have no supports...my friends have bailed on me. How did you keep functioning in the face of what seems impossible odds? I follow every sleep hygiene tip, have tried every medication available in Canada, am on a specific vitamin regime for pain and sleep, still go for a walk and have tried many alternative therapies. I am open to hear what has cured others. I really feel I need to find the root cause and I don't know how to find a doctor to do that. My GP doesn't know what to do. I already went to the sleep clinic in my city for five years and frankly it was useless. I saw a Dr. Lisa Shives on "The Doctors" who they called "the sleep MD". She seems to be a real leader in Insomnia in the US and is in Elvanston, IL. I'm going to write her a letter. Are there any tests I should be asking my GP to run? Should I be asking to see a Neurologist? The wait times for specialist referrals are about 1 year in London, On Canada. I am crying everyday....I have been my own medical advocate to date and I want to live, but I am emotionally and physically done. Any input would be helpful. Thanks Tracy

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