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Sources for Healthy Weight Loss

By August 18, 2014 - 2:16am

The most important factor in regards to weight loss is our nutrition and our diet, if you aren't following a sound nutritional plan then it's safe to say that you simply won't see the results that you should be seeing. However, setting up a balanced diet definitely isn't an easy task especially with the vast amounts of unhealthy foods that are prominent in our culture today. Just because it's hard however doesn't necessarily mean that it's impossible, there are numerous foods that you can incorporate into your diet that will give you great results and will aid you in your weight loss journey. Read on below to find out these top foods that you should have in your diet.

1) Meat & Poultry

Both meat and poultry have recently received a bad reputation from those who want to lose weight, however poultry not so much. We have been eating meat for many generations and our body has become accustomed to it and has adapted in order to absorb the nutrients in meat. The reason why it has received such a bad reputation is simply because meats aren't how they used to be; we no longer get healthy, nutritious meat because it is usually harvested from animals that have been pumped full of hormones.

However, if you can find meat or poultry that comes from animals that have been taken care of i.e. not pumped full of hormones and not given a lot of unnatural foods, then you can rest assured that this is a healthy option. Meat like this contains a lot of omega 3, high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin E and also contains a lot more conjucated linoleic acid which can help to decrease the body fat storage amounts.

2) Fish

This involves many different types of fish such as salmon, trout, cod, tuna, sardines and many more. Fish is a food which pretty much everyone agrees is healthy for you and there are definitely some very good reasons for this. For the most part, fish is very in high omega 3 which can aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and also improve brain health and memory. In addition to this, fish is also very high in protein and good fats, it has a lot of nutritional value.

There is one thing that you should watch out for however; because of the condition of some waters, some fish has become contaminated, a popular contaminant is mercury which is very prominent in swordfish, tuna and more.

3) Vegetables

We are all familiar with vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, spinach, cauliflower and many more. These vegetables can be great when it comes to weight loss and even just health and well being; they contain an abundance of antioxidants, nutrients, and of course fiber which is only beneficial for the body. Studies have also shown that a higher vegetable consumption is also related to a minimized risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Fortunately it is easy to incorporate vegetables into your diet and since they are so low in calories you can pretty much as much as you want, whenever you want.

Foods to Stay Away From

Just like it is important to know which foods you should eat in order to promote a healthy weight loss, it's also important to know which foods you should stay away from! We are bombarded with commercials and advertisements every day that promote unhealthy foods and so it's very difficult to get away from these, often at times it can even be confusing to differentiate the healthy foods from the unhealthy ones.

You should especially watch out for processed foods such as most cereals, packaged meats, snacks, tinned/canned food and more. These are foods which have little to no nutritional value and have instead been filled with preservatives and chemicals in order to make the food more marketable and easier to sell.


To conclude, the three main foods that you should involve in your diet are listed above (meats, fish, vegetables), by eating these foods you will be providing your body with a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which promotes a healthy weight loss. In addition to this, make sure to avoid the processed foods listed above and always check the food packaging for ingredients and nutritional value.
Reference: http://www.thinreport.com/

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