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getting oregnent

By January 1, 2014 - 2:52pm

hi . i am 35 years and suffering with recurrent urine track infection since almost 1 year. i did try many antibiotics until now after every 2-3 months but all work for the time being. dr sugest me urin exame at every visit and prescribe only antibiotic.due to this porblem which is now become more chronic for me as i am unable to keep sexual relation as i get involved with this i got irritation at once and after same infection get repeated. i am also trying to conceive but with this condition i am hopeless now . i dnt knw why this is hapening with me and why it could not go away permanently . now my Dr. also told me that i have genital wart that is another problem for me. if anybody have problem like that or experienced it before can help me and guide me to help me to get rid of this issue.


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