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Implantation vs Period??

By November 9, 2012 - 11:42am

I'm about 12 dpo, according to one calculator... about 9 dpo according to another. (Isn't that always the way things seem?) It's our first month ttc, thus my first month off the ring, so I'm not really sure when everything is supposed to be starting since I've been on bc for so many years. If I'm a 28 day cycle, I'm not supposed to start my period until Monday (today's Friday). However, on Tuesday, I started spotting and still am. It's nothing like a period on bc much less off of it (it was awful and heavy and looong... thus going on bc to begin with). So- I'm all confused. It's a variety of colors, but there doesn't seem to be any (sorry for tmi) "stuff" coming with it... just a little blood. I'm keeping a tampon in just for work since I only have 1 bathroom break in 8 hrs, but it's not even enough bleeding to need one at home. Sooo- according to another site, I should get a reasonably accurate pregnancy test on Saturday (tomorrow), but I'm just wondering if maybe my timing was off... like if this is my period, my ovulation calculation would have been off by about a week... and if it's not and my cycle is longer than 28 days, would it be too early to test? So. Confused.

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