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7 Gynecological Conditions That Can Cause Pain During Sex

By August 3, 2021 - 4:31am

Pain during sex is a quite common problem for many women. There are a lot of factors that can make your sex painful and uncomfortable. If your pain is caused by uncomfortable poses or rough sex, you can simply change them. But you should also know that there are certain health issues that can also worsen your sex life. In this article, we have gathered seven gynecological conditions that can cause pain during sex.

1. Vaginal dryness
Vaginal dryness is a lack of natural lubrication that occurs when estrogen levels in women decrease. In most cases, vaginal dryness occurs in menopausal and post-menopausal women. But young women with low estrogen can also experience problems with lubrication. This condition can cause pain, irritation, snd even bleeding during sex. You can use lubricants to make sex less painful but it is better to contact your gynecologist and undergo treatment.

2. Vaginismus
Vaginismus is a condition in which a woman subconsciously squeezes vaginal muscles when something is inserted into the vagina. That’s why women with vaginismus can experience severe pain during sex, pelvic exam, and even tampon insertion. The problem is that the cause of vaginismus is still unknown and there is no single treatment option. Some women with this condition can benefit from psychotherapy while others need Kegel exercises to ease the pain.

3. Yeast infection
Yeast infection occurs when the number of Candida fungi increases. A small number of these fungi are usually found in your vagina. But if you have taken antibiotics, have a weakened immune system, or eat a lot of sweets, they can start to multiply actively. Symptoms of yeast infection include thick white discharge, watery discharge, vaginal itching, pain during sex, and vaginal swelling. Antifungal medications can easily treat yeast infection but it is better to consult a gynecologist before use.

4. Ovarian cysts
An ovarian cyst is a sac filled with fluid that develops on the ovaries. Some of them appear and disappear asymptomatically throughout the menstrual cycle while others can remain for months. The most common symptoms of ovarian cysts include:
- Pelvic pain
- Pain during sex
- Pelvic pressure
- Lower back pain
- Severe periods

IIf you have noticed these symptoms, it is better to undergo an ovarian cyst treatment.Otherwise, the cyst can burst or cause ovarian torsion that can have life-threatening complications.

5. Sexually transmitted infections
Sexually transmitted infections are infections that can be passed through unprotected sex. They can develop without any symptoms in some people while in others, they can cause:
- Abnormal vaginal disengage with a strong odor
- Pain during sex
- Vaginal itching
- Rashes, sores, and bumps on the genital area

If you were diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections, you need to undergo treatment as soon as possible. Additionally, your sexual partner or partners should also be tested and treated (if needed) to prevent reinfection.

6. Pelvic inflammatory disease
Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) occurs when untreated vaginal infections (like bacterial vaginosis and some STIs) spread to pelvic organs and cause inflammation. Symptoms of PID include:
- Fever
- Chronic pelvic pain
- Pain during sex
- Severe periods
- Abnormal vaginal discharge with a strong odor

Without timely and proper treatment, PID can lead to the development of scars and adhesions that can block the fallopian tubes and cause infertility.

7. Endometriosis
Endometriosis is a condition that occurs when the endometrium (Inner uterine lining) starts to grow outside of the uterus on the pelvic organs. As a result, women with endometriosis can experience severe periods, pelvic pain, lower back pain, pain during sex, and other symptoms. You should also know that endometriosis can block the fallopian tubes and/or ovaries and cause infertility.

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