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Facts About Femilift Laser Treatments

By October 27, 2017 - 6:20am

It’s a minimally-invasive, state-of-the-art outpatient procedure that incorporates CO2 technology. This is used to provide the best care associated with different feminine concerns. It is a completely safe, fast and painless procedure that provides results which is very effective.

Because the procedure can be conducted within an outpatient setting, no downtime or anesthesia will be required. This ensures a woman that she may resume her routine activities and regain her confidence quickly after the procedure.

Benefits of a Femi lift laser treatment
It’s a hygienic and single used probe
Results are immediate
Effective, safe and easy
This can be the optimal for remodeling of collagen
The treatment is clinically proven for CO2 technology
It is minimal invasive
Homogeneous, fast treatments
Treatments that are available
Tightening of the vagina

As time goes by, especially after a woman has had children, the tissues in the vagina may overstretch. This creates a laxity/looseness feeling which reduces the sensitivity within the area of her vagina.

It can cause satisfaction to decrease with intercourse and affect her life’s quality significantly. A Femi lift will rebuild and tone collagen within the walls of the vagina. Thus, enhancing the sensitivity of receptors in the vagina, and contract the existing tissues in her vagina.

It can increase the tightness of the vagina and improve satisfaction during intercourse.

SUI/stress urinary incontinence
It’s a condition that is very distressing and common which affects a lot of women especially when they get older. Most of the time, it may occur among women between the ages of thirty and sixty years. It involves urine leakage which is involuntary due to increased pressure inside the abdomen.

SUI can develop due to sub-urethral support loss. Generally, it is caused by pelvic structure support damage. Usually, patients report this with different severities. It can cause leakage of urine during certain activities which increases the pressure inside the abdomen, like physical activities, heavy lifting, sneezing, and coughing.

This process uses an energy that is powerful for achieving deep thermal effects. The procedure stimulates the renewal of collagen and also a contraction of elastin fibers to remodel tissue and induce rejuvenation.

It can treat the whole pre-urethral area by increasing the vaginal walls’ thickness. Consequently, it provides support that is better for the underside of a patient’s mid-urethra. This can drastically reduce symptoms of SUI, urination control that is improved, as well as long-term continence among patients.

Recurrent infections and vaginal dryness
Recurrent infections and dryness of the vagina can be treated by rejuvenating the vaginal-vulva tissue to improve lubrication, plus normalize the flora and pH of the vagina. The procedure utilizes treatments with a laser for enhancing the response of a patient’s immune system. Additionally, it can also assist in eliminating vaginal infections that are chronic. It can effectively address different issues with feminine wellness.

GSM for post-menopause
Genito-urinary Syndrome of Menopause or GSM has become an increasing problem among women all over the world. More and more women become post-menopausal who might experience symptoms that can impact the lifestyle they live, their sex life and their emotions significantly.

The hormone shift that starts during menopause may cause the vagina’s lining to become inflamed, less elastic, drier and thinner. This procedure rejuvenates the lining of a woman’s vagina and increases the vagina’s wall thickness. Furthermore, it restores lubrication that is natural. It may reduce symptoms that are uncomfortable like friction, itching, burning, as well as improve her sexual functions.

Post-delivery rehabilitation
With childbirth there are many changes physiologically that involves the body of a woman. Post-delivery is when the area of her vagina can feel dry and stretched, plus her pelvic floor can weaken. A Femi lift procedure will rehabilitate the whole area of her vagina through toning and reinforce the tissues in the vagina, and restore its flexibility and strength.

Reasons why this procedure shouldn’t be used
Generally, if a woman is healthy and doesn’t suffer from any infections or skin diseases in the areas that must be treated, very few reasons medically can stop her from receiving the treatment.

It won’t be advised to undergo this treatment during a menstrual period. Since, with increased blood around the area, it might impede the penetration and target the laser into tissues inside the canal of the vagina, which can make the treatment not so effective.

This treatment is seen as suitable for women that have different vaginal concerns. It includes vaginal prolapse but it depends on how severe it is. There won’t be any contra-indications for the procedure when you use contraceptive pills or have an implant, or even if a woman has had a hysterectomy previously.

Any women with STD must first be checked and diagnosed, as well as treated when it’s necessary, before going for this treatment.

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