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"YOGA for breast cancer survivors" Join this Group

Free Yoga Class

By July 25, 2011 - 5:55pm

I'm offering a free yoga class for L.A. residents. Sign up at: http://fitnesswla.weebly.com

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For over a decade, scientists physicians, and yoga instructors have been studying the therapeutic effects of yoga on cancer survivors. Research studies have focused on quality of life issues, improving symptoms of treatment and palliative care, with very promising results. I am a certified yoga instructor and have been teaching for two years. I knew I wanted to put my focus on helping others with the powerful healing properties yoga has to offer. This past summer I attended an intensive training to learn how to teach yoga to cancer survivors. Since then this has become my passion! I want to help those struck by breast cancer. I'm still searching here in my home town to find a hospital who will allow me to come and teach yoga to these survivors. My hope and wish is that YOGA will someday be a presription, and that our health care system sees the value in yoga.


Milwaukee, WI


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