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Advantages of YouTube Premium As Compared to Other Services

By October 24, 2021 - 8:06pm

YouTube Premium ( formerly known as YouTube Red) is basically a paid membership that upgrades the normal YouTube experience, while YouTube TV is an actual live television streaming service. There are several advantages to YouTube Premium as compared to just using YouTube alone, which we will go over in this article. First of all, there are more channels and video types to choose from with YouTube Premium than ever before, and the interface is made to be "tap friendly" so that it's easy to navigate around. Another major difference is the size of the files you can upload - the upgrades are so large that it's almost 2x bigger than the old file size! YouTube TV is definitely worth checking out if you have some extra cash for your time and considering for either your home TV viewing, or your personal media needs.

This is what the AdWords will do: the AdWords will pay you money when someone clicks on your youtube channel and ends up watching one of your videos without any advertisements. YouTube Premium allows you to bid on keywords that will put ads on top of your videos without annoying the viewer. AdWords are a very effective method of advertising because it's like having an actual buyer's agent at your every website, and it shows the targeted market your advertisements where they can see them.

One final advantage of YouTube Premium as compared to other video streaming services is that your subscriber list can be much larger. As a rule, the more people you can get signed up the more profitable your subscription will become. People will enjoy the ease of using a one time fee to get access to a huge database of subscribers that are constantly being updated. A great thing about having a large subscriber base is that you can also create many different channels for your different projects and niches and you won't have to worry about getting ratings, and being able to split ad revenue with your partners or affiliates.

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